Message from Pensees

Pensees online PR solutions

The emergence of the Internet has brought a dramatic change in the distribution and flow of company information. The direct linking of companies and customers has also greatly changed how we communicate. Communication with stakeholders, including customers, is inconceivable without a company website. There is also growing importance for a company's own media platform that provides primary company information in social media, which is developing at lightning speed. Now, how to deal with developing and managing a company website as their own media platform has become a major challenge for companies.

Pensees was established as a company that provides online PR solutions based on the theme "pensees = thoughts". As the distribution of company information and communication continues to be redefined, and as customers explore ways to expand the use of Internet, we would be delighted to serve as your partner, using our "web-oriented PR ideas," in developing and managing your own media platform.

Akira Masuda, CEO