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Matching Service Japan Co., Ltd.

We were in charge of renewing the website for MS Japan, which runs a recruitment business specializing in professionals of administration such as accounting, finance, human resources, legal services, and lawyers, accountants, and tax accounts.
We created the design image and layout so that visitors could understand as much of the strengths of MS Japan and the efficacy of the service as possible.
Also, we devised the site structure and line of flow so that they could quickly access the information they want.

We also conducted additional development of Owned Media Plus, which they had already started using, and the construction CMS, so that they could continue to effectively use them, and made suggestions concerning renovations on the system side.

The newly redesigned innovative website leaves a fresh impression while effectively delivering the company's unique service to visitors.

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  • Site Design
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  • HTML Coding
  • CMS Development
  • System Suggestion
  • Smartphone Site
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