California Prune Board
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California Prune Board

The California Prune Board was formed in 1952 under the jurisdiction of the California Department of Food and Agriculture to represent producers and processors of California prunes. I undertook the full scale renewal of their official Japanese website.

I focused my creative attention on how to provide different types of information, such as information for the general public, and tools and research information aimed at the mass media and distribution industries. For the recipes, health, and beauty information, I revolutionized the design by prioritizing feminine visuals aimed at the target female audience. For the mass media and distribution industries who deal with California prunes, I developed a unique system based on requirements. On the smartphone site too, I used interesting visuals with a layout which promotes the prunes.

I transformed the website into one which is bright, friendly, has a sense of scale, and is packed full of the charms of California prunes.

California Prune Board

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