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Taking a full advantage of its own backbone, Tsuneishi Kamtecs is proud to present you one of the biggest systems in the industry that allows industrial waste disposal, recycling, and final disposal to be done altogether at one-stop.

We thought how could we better promote ourselves and get more people to be interested in such a particular yet significantly environmentally concerned industry as "industrial waste"...?

We had hard time balancing out the distribution of information between the soft surface and the hard surface as we were also working on the website development and other additional projects at the time.

For the soft surface, we have made a child-friendly web page using Parallax to give the users a visual representation of the process of industrial waste disposal.

As for the hard surface, we made sure that the important information is displayed simple and concise and put a lot of effort into arranging the pages for the users to be able to get the information they want as fast as possible.

Tsuneishi Kamtecs Corporation Tsuneishi Kamtecs Corporation

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